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"Adelaide Meditation Signature Course"

Located in a boutique studio in Norwood,

the signature course is run monthly,

with daytime OR evening classes

taught over a two week duration. 




Week One: 
Mon 23rd / Wed 25th / Fri 27th March - 11am to Midday

Week Two: 

Mon 30th March / Thurs 2nd April - 11am to Midday


Week One:  
Tues 24th March - 7pm to 9 pm / Thurs 26th March - 7pm to 8pm

Week Two:  
Tues 31st March - 7pm to 8pm / Thurs 2nd April - 7pm to 8pm

Please txt 0413 322 664 or click to REGISTER NOW
to confirm your place. 


The course method is both accessible and is unforced; creating space and time for you to reconnect inwardly - a sanctuary within our increasingly busy lives. 

At completion, participants will be able to meditate independently using an effective Vedic method. 

This Vedic method has been shown to have the highest rates of ongoing practice of all meditation methods.

People who learn this method continue practicing it regularly for years afterwards, and at a higher rate than people who have learned other methods.


This course is suitable for people at all levels of their meditation journey. 


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