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Freeing yourself through self-compassion

The meditation-based group treatment for anxiety and depression is based on mindfulness and cognitive therapy and emphasising self-compassion.  The course includes psycho-education and meditation training relevant to recovery from depression and anxiety.

The course is run over 8 weeks, one hour per week.

It is common for participants in this group to be receiving treatment from a Psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan. In this case the attendance will be billed through Medicare and the participant is asked to contribute a gap payment of $20 /$15 (concession).



Creating peace, balance and equilibrium

Meditation for Stress Relief is run with the use of a manual and includes a single syllable mantra. This training is for new meditators, beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Executives and corporates relate well to this course given the high degree of structure.

The course is run for 4 weeks over 5 classes; with two classes the first week and one per remaining weeks.

This course runs on an interest basis and is scheduled for classes on Mondays and Fridays.


Cleansing, clarity,


Meditation for chronic pain relief is a focussed class, which includes the option to lay down and also to move around during the meditation.

There are currently no wait-lists or start dates, but these classes will be run over 4 weeks as requested, with sufficient numbers of people attending.

During the course, participants attend once per week for one month at $15 per class, $10 concession.


Payment for the course is required prior to its commencement.


Peace of mind,



Meditation for people experiencing mental illness is a course of ten sessions.


This course is offered as a bulk-billed service
to participants who have a current Mental Health Care Plan, and who are not attending other groups
under that plan (they will be accessing individual treatment from a Psychologist).


Individuals experiencing mental illness are also able to attend any of the
other Meditation trainings

Please contact us for more information and

course dates and availability.

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